Social Media Management

‘I just don’t have the time for Social Media!’ 

Sound familiar? Trust me, you’re not the only one – this is something I hear a lot. 

Running a business is hard work and even if you know how valuable Social Media can be, it is often the one thing that slips to the bottom of the pile.

Whether you already have established channels that you need someone to take over, or you have zero online presence and are starting from scratch, I can help.

I can either be in sole charge of creating, scheduling and managing your content from end to end. Or, I can provide an Audit of your channels (tell you what is and isn’t working) and develop a content strategy for you to implement yourself. Or you might need something inbetween.

However much help you need, I can give you strategic advice to get the most from your Social channels. 

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Content Creation

Creating impactful, interesting and, most importantly, engaging content is harder than it sounds, and much harder than it looks! Especially if it’s not your primary focus which, as a business owner, it probably isn’t. 

I am a keen photographer with a background in visual merchandising and fashion, which means I have very strong attention to detail – creating content is second nature to me. I can create graphic, photo and video content from scratch, or I can utilise assets you already have, all in keeping with your brand guidelines.

Content trends change all the time, so having a specialist in charge of your Social Media is vital if you want to build your business.

Blogs and copywriting: Having a company blog on your website is vital for search engine rankings (SEO) and also provides more content to share across your social channels, ultimately encouraging traffic back to your site. I am happy to add this into a management package, or blogs can be requested separately. 


Lastly, never underestimate the power of customer engagement. It is all very well having amazing content, but if you’re just posting online with no interaction, it will be a big waste of your time AND your money. 

To grow an account on Social Media, your engagement needs to be targeted and purposeful to build a trusted audience, which you can then convert into paying customers. 

I always include engagement in my proposals to new clients, and I also offer this as an hourly-paid stand-alone service. Commenting, hashtag research, following and sharing are all really important for brand awareness, and to grow your social channels.

And, because I know some of you are thinking it – please do not buy followers!! Trust me, this does your account more harm than good. If you are thinking of doing it, stop right now. Save your money and hire a specialist instead. 

Are your customers online when you’re not? Engaging with followers/target customers just before and after you post is vital to boost organic reach of your content, but what if your audience is most active when you’re not online? I am able to offer a very limited number of premium/out of hours ‘Engagement Hours’ which I can make available with prior arrangement (and subject to availability)